CNC Lathes

Standard Machine and Raybar's high performance Multi-Axis and Twin Spindle CNC Lathes allow us to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Standard Machine and Raybar are quality management system ISO 9001:2015 certified assuring standards of quality are met through proper production processes. Contact Standard Machine and Raybar today to utilize our CNC machining expertise and create a lasting partnership delivering success. 


4-Miyano BCN34C-1-3/8” capacity
1-Daewoo Puma 8S -2”  capacity
1-Daewoo Puma 8G – 1 ½ “ capacity
1-Doosan Puma 2100M – 2 ½” capacity
1-Doosan Puma TT1800 SY 2 ½” capacity
1-Doosan Lynx 220L 2 ½” capacity
1-Doosan Lynx 220 2 ½” capacity
1-Doosan Lynx 300 3” capacity
1-Hwacheon Tech 200A 2” capacity


1-Hwacheon TTC8- 8” chuck
2-Hwacheon TTC10 -10” chuck
1-Daewoo Puma 8 25P 8” chuck
1-Hwacheon EC-25P 10” chuck

 CNC Lathe Machine

For custom CNC Lathe Machining solutions, contact the precision machining experts at Standard Machine and Raybar. Request a CNC Machining Quote today, call 262-375-0040.